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Innovative Agro Industry Ltd (IAI) is an affiliate of the LR Group, a leading Project Development Company, active worldwide since 1986.

The Group completed over 400 profitable projects in Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania and South America in the fields of:

  • cropAgriculture and agro-industry;
  • flashPower and Energy sector;
  • buildingHousing and Construction;
  • water-dropWater;
  • gradEducation and training.

IAI has been in PNG since 2011, exploring and pioneering several projects in the fields of Agro Industry and the Energy & Power Sector.

IAI integrates and implements Israeli knowledge and experience in all fields of expertise.

Our projects introduce advanced methods and state-of-the-art technologies that reflect sustainability and profitability through market-driven production planning, high yields and efficient operation.

Our Projects

9 Miles Agro Farm

The 9 Miles Agro Farm is a commercially oriented, modern high intensive vegetable farm.

The farm aims to replace vegetable imports by locally produced quality products conforming to industry’s best standards through the introduction of advanced state-of- the-art technologies.

Breaking ground in late 2012, the farm was constructed in little over a year and is fully operational- growing quality vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum and lettuce, the 9 mile agro farm has taken a leading role in the PNG quality vegetable market. The farm employs approximately 160 workers and produces currently around 12 Mt of prime vegetables weekly.

The farm was established with  the Jesus Christ Half Way House Church and Western Highlands Development Corporation and has strong links to the local community.

Our Projects

Koroba Agro Industrial Centre (AIC)

The Koroba AIC, located at the rural area of Hela Province, is a state of the art modern Agriculture Farm producing quality vegetables and eggs, and provides a local quality product.

Around 100 members of the local community are directly employed at the farm.

The farm is currently producing 10,000 eggs/day, the number of the eggs will rise to 12,000 eggs/day by the end of 2015.

A substantial quantity of the feed required for the eggs production is produced through the local community with hundreds of local families involved in the process. A  feed mill operates on site and a training centre provides support for the local farmers.

Our Projects

Port Moresby & Lae Turbines

Supply & Installation of two GE 26.2MW (X2) dual fuel mobile turbines to the PNG Government & PNG Power Ltd in Port Moresby and in the Lae Port.

This turn-key project included:

  • Entire BOP (step-up transformer, switch gear, fuel treatment, etc.);
  • Logistics;
  • Installation;
  • Commissioning;
  • Training of PNG Power personal;
  • Spare parts and support.

The Port Moresby turbine was commissioned in September 2014 while the Lae turbine was commissioned in February 2015;

These turbines will improve the grid stability and accommodate the growing electricity demand in both cities.

The turbines are mobile (on trailers) and can, if needed, be relocated to other sites.

Our Projects

Hela Hydro Feasibility Study (FS)

A detailed feasibility study for the Hydro power plant at the  Tagari river in Hela Province, located 2 Km from the existing Porgera (Barrick Gold) transmission line.

The technical scheme is a run off the river and the out- put is from 120MW scalable to 320MW.

The FS included a detailed analysis of all the technical and environmental aspects, economic viability and potential off-takers for the Hela Project.

The Hela Hydro Plant with a corresponding transmission strategy is poised to create a Highlands grid that will  supply affordable and reliable electricity to the Highlands communities, covering amongst others Wabag,  Mendi, Tari and  including Mt.Hagen

Our Projects

ILIMO Dairy Farm

This project aims to develop commercial scale dairy production at the Ilimo Farm, Central Province in close proximity to Port Moresby. The venture is intended to partially replace dairy imports with high quality local dairy production thus increasing self-sufficiency.

Specific Objectives

  • Establish a Dairy Enterprise for local production and commercialization of high quality agro-produce which will include the following operations:
    — Field Crops – 175Ha of cultivated land producing Guinea grass and Maize
    — Dairy Farm – 500 milking cows
    — Dairy Processing Plant – state-of-the-art equipment with a daily capacity of 19,500 liters of milk
  • Supply fresh high-quality dairy products to PNG consumers.
  • Provide a sustainable solution for dairy production in the region.
  • Bequeath agricultural state-of-the-art know-how,
  • Create job opportunities for residents.


The key outcome of this Project is providing a sustainable solution for dairy production in the region. In addition the Project is expected to have a positive social and economic impact in the region and the province.


Our Projects

Tari Piwa- Hela Province - Agro Industrial Centre (AIC)

Tari Piwa is located at the rural area of Hela Province. This state of the art modern Agriculture Farm in construction is intended to produce quality poultry meat, fruits and vegetables, providing a local high quality product.

Around 150 members of the local community are directly employed in the construction phase.

The farm is currently in establishment phase and is anticipated to produce over 100 Mt of fresh chicken meat per year and 200 Mt of prime fresh fruits & vegetables.

A substantial ratio of the feed required for the poultry meat production will be produced through engagement with the local community with hundreds of local families involved in the process.

The Tari Piwa AIC enhances the value of agricultural production in the province for the welfare of the population and to drive economic growth.



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Our Vision


Aiming at sustainable and profitable projects that improve standard of living by creating employment, access to electricity, housing, improved infrastructure including water and sewage system.

IAI aims at developing projects that show strong social and community support:

  • Social / Environmental / Economic rates of return
  • Spectrum of values including: people, tradition and land
  • Impact on population’s standard of living making basic amenities accessible, providing training and tools to encourage self-sufficiency, strengthen self -esteem and empower the people

What makes us Unique:

  • Proven track record in high-growth economies
  • Creative tailor-made solutions and multi-disciplinary capabilities
  • Innovative technology and a deep understanding of local market dynamics
  • End-to-end solution capabilities in executing greenfield projects, including experience in initiating, launching, executing and managing a range of ventures
  • Proven ability in raising funds and investments
  • Knowledge transfer – establish an array of local professionals that will continue to deliver and implement their acquired skills throughout and beyond project life
  • Focus on sustainability – our projects integrate social and environmental aspects, ensuring long-term positive impact on involved communities
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